11 AM | 17 Nov

Free Love – Bones #pagangoodness #music #video [#geekgirl]

“A lovely new release on the Glaswegian Optimo label by a slightly awfully named group called Free Love. Get past the name and cover art, and you’ll get a lovely collection of tracks that sound like a Balearic version of Broadcast. Their ‘single’ (these days I think that just means the track they made a music video for) called Bones is pretty much what you’d expect if you dropped a Broadcast acapella over the top of a DJ Pierre acid track. The video is all Midsommar-esque ritual magick and, well just go watch it. And there we are, back at the start again”

source: Seb Chan from his excellent column Fresh and New #29 Multi-sensorial memories & seamful-ness post (subscribe y’all)

Also: thanks for the Tyler Russo lead, weird video shit akin to what we did in the late 80s early 90’s./GG

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