03 PM | 19 Jun

“…kooky cenobite action…” [#geekgirl]

[Via mapesburyroad's Instagram feed]

[Via mapesburyroad’s Instagram feed]

[From this article at Now Hear This] “An Elephant & Castle bus stop may be a portal to hell, according to a peculiar story we picked up from Peckham Peculiar. For the last few years, a VHS copy of 1987 horror film ‘Hellraiser’ – the moving tale of a chap with a pincushion for a noggin – has sat atop the bus shelter by Lidl on Old Kent Road. You’re thinking, ‘That’s just littering.’ So were we. Until a second copy appeared. And then they both vanished. And then they came back. And vanished again. And returned again. And then a copycat VHS turned up on a Stoke Newington bus stop. Is it a prank? Some kind of Walworth wormhole? No idea, but we’re obsessed.”

01 PM | 03 Jun

Horror Films Directed By Women Wanted [#geekgirl]

[Image Credit: strangerwithmyface.com]

[Image Credit: strangerwithmyface.com]

Submissions for this year’s Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival are open from now until 3 July 2014.

Entry is free and only online screeners are accepted.

To qualify your film must be:

  • directed by a woman
  • produced in the last 2 years
  • a horror film (broadly defined, and dark fantasy, thriller, Gothic melodrama or similar may also be considered)

You may submit films of any duration but note that only short films will screen competitively and only a handful of feature films will be programmed. If you have a feature film you would like us to consider, please submit or contact the festival about it as as soon as possible.

Unless your film is unambiguously horror, comment in the bottom field as to what genre or sub-genre it belongs to and why you feel it may be suitable for the festival.

Note that we may consider films that are older than 2 years under special circumstances.”