10 AM | 14 Jul



UBERMORGEN.COM is an artist-duo created in Vienna, Austria, by Lizvlx and Hans Bernhard. Behind UBERMORGEN.COM can be found one of the most unmatchable identities – controversial and iconoclastic – of the contemporary European techno-fine-art avant-garde. Their open circuit of conceptual art, drawing, software art, pixelpainting, computer installations, net.art, sculpture and digital activism (media hacking) transforms their brand into a hybrid Gesamtkunstwerk. Ubermorgen focuses on exploring contemporary legal issues, especially those of security, privacy and copyright.

UBERMORGEN.COM Work 1999 – 2007 exhibition is on at the Experimental Art Foundation from 13th July – 18th August.

URL: http://eaf.asn.au/2007/uber-e-dodd.html#julyaug

01 PM | 13 Jul


Billboard refacing legends BUGA UP (Billboard Utilising Artists Against Unhealthy Promotions) have come out of the woodwork to do a piece for the MAY’S graff project in May Lane St. Peters. They haven’t hit the boards since the 80’s when their relentless billboard alterations paved the way for a ban on cigarette advertising, and – you could even say – onward towards the recent bans on cigarette smoking in pubs clubs etc.

This is a very exciting event for political art in Sydney. Squatspace’s own Mickie Quick will have a smaller piece down the lane and in their shadow.

Free Beer! Tho be prepared to be lectured by BUGA UP Bill about what the beer is doin to ya!

FRI 13th 6-8pm May Lane St Peters, Sydney, Australia

06 PM | 12 Jul

Howard Bloom’s New Book

Howard Bloom suggested I contact you with information about his most recent book, “How I Accidentally Started the Sixties,” which is currently available at Amazon.com as a digital download through their “Amazon Shorts” division.

“How I Accidentally Started The Sixties is the untold story of the birth of a decade, a decade that created youth culture, a decade when people under the age of 25 changed America and the world.”Amazon Shorts is making this book available in 11 separate digital downloads @ 49 cents per chapter!

You can go to the Amazon shorts site for more information or to buy it by clicking this link!

06 PM | 12 Jul

eToy’s Mission

etoy invites you to visit “art en plein air môtiers 2007”

On Saturday September 1, 2007, Môtiers, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Join etoy.AGENTS on a day out in the green: hiking trails, waterfalls, power plants, black holes, absinth, lush forests and art in open air. Book this day in your calendar for a special tour to Môtiers together with etoy.

On exhibit in Môtiers: MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS (http://missioneternity.org/bridges/sarcophagus/) with the TERMINUS containing the mortal remains of Timothy Leary: Accessible to the public from June 23 to September 23 daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. except Mondays.

Over 90 artistic positions: for example John Armleder, Roman Signer, Sylvie Fleury, L/B, Christoph Draeger, San Keller, Günther Förg, and Katja Schenker (etoy’s favorite!). http://www.artmotiers.ch

Sign up by sending an email with your name and contact information to press@ir.etoy.com or by leaving a comment at http://www.etoy.com/contact/ Sign up for the bus trip as early as possible since seats are limited! The flat-rate fee for the day is 100 CHF.

A comprehensive introduction to MISSION ETERNITY can be found at: http://missioneternity.org