09 AM | 07 Jul

Protest against Animal Experimenters

macaque experiments

This is a follow up reminder that the ANZCCART vivisectors conference is coming to Melbourne from July 10-12, and Animal Liberation Victoria will be there sending a clear message that these apologists for animal experiments are NOT welcome. On the surface the conference is concerned with ‘humane’ science and reducing the number of animal in experiments. But there is no such things as humane vivisection, just as there is no such thing as ‘humane child abuse’ or ‘humane domestic abuse’. In reality this conference is a greenwash to hide the fact that, despite the existence of ANZCCART and Codes of Practice which call for the reduction in the numbers of animals used, statistics consistently show that animal experiments in Australia are increasing.

Animal Liberation Victoria is a voice in opposition to vivisection. We will be at the conference to tell those animal abusers what we think of them, their practice and their futile experiments. Plans are underway and we are looking for a support crew to help with a range of demonstrations, media stunts, rallies and marches. This is your chance to contribute to the AR movement as well as a chance to meet activists from other States. The conference will be held from July 10-12 in Melbourne. For more information, please call ALV Anti-vivisection spokesperson, Dan Archer on 0404 051 223 or e-mail dan@alv.org.au.

08 AM | 07 Jul

A message from BUSAAAT

If you’d like to help me cultivate an inflated sense of self-worth, then please ckick on the link below and look for the film “Plastic Bag” (I am BUSAAAT – my profile pic is a black square with a white dot – an attempt to appear as if like I take myself seriously). From there you can either watch my little film, or go back about your business in the knowledge that you have contributed to a non-cause.

The site is an Italian MTV affiliate. My well-considered empirical research suggests that there’s a snowball effect with the popularity of video on the site. So I’m sending the link out to you lot to help bump my numbers up a little, and seed my snowball.

I really like some of the work they publish, and so I’d like to make use of my time on the front page. Here’s the link:


It might have been shunted to the second page by the time you read this.

Here’s a fantastic film they published:


Thanks, John.

ps. if all else fails, here’s a direct link (I’m just not sure if going directly there will add to the number of views – most probably would):


08 AM | 07 Jul

Pownce or Twitter?

Pownce, the new nanoblogging service that doubles as a person-to-person file transfer product, is often compared to Twitter. Both products enable you to “nanoblog” quick updates on what you’re doing. But the products have fundamental and important differences, and if you’re curious about which one you should be using, you need to know about them.