10 AM | 28 Jun

Put your butt out!

At last the final stages of the Passive Smoking legislation is about to come into effect on Sunday 1st July/07 for Victoria. Under the amended Tobacco Act 1987 (Victoria), smoking will no longer be permitted in any enclosed (or substantially enclosed) licensed premises. ‘Substantially enclosed’ refers to 75% or greater of the total notional wall area.


Let’s see how many pissed punters take exception to this ruling at gigs. I recall Mars Volta specifically asking their ‘fans’ not to smoke to no avail. Anyway, I am welcoming this new law, as someone who used to smoke up to 70 a day I recognise it may be a bit of a challenge, but just think of the enjoyment to be had from being considerate (LOL).

Worth noting you may be able to supress the little guy and his fag, but it’s hard to keep monsters like Philip Morris from not finding inventive ways to keep people addicted. Not only has Philip Morris been tinkering with the idea of flavoured fags that appeal to young people, they also in the past planned to test a microelectronic cigarette holder that eliminates smoke and ashes from end of cigarette; battery-powered ‘smoking system’ is first of its kind and cost $200 million to develop after years of research; device is beeper-sized, four-ounce box containing specially designed cigarette and electronically controlled lighter that runs on rechargeable batteries; tobacco burns only when puffed; critics say device demonstrates lengths to which tobacco industry will…

More puffs…?

09 AM | 28 Jun

Discover the Human Body

Promoted as everything you ever wanted to know about the Human Body, this exhibition is now showing in Melbourne at the Showgrounds Exhibition Hall. Runs until July 9/07. Come to think of it I don’t think the bodies do much running!!

“It has already been a great success throughout Europe, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Korea and other countries. The demonstration allows audiences to learn about anatomy, physiology, and health by viewing real human body specimens that have been through a process called plastination. The exhibition will assist a better understanding of how the whole human body works.

The exhibition is appropriate for any age group for it teaches viewers on how the human bodies works and give a better understanding of long term diseases or cancers. The fascinating demonstration educates the public on the inner working of the human body.

Dr. Gunter Von Hagens invented a process called ‘Plastination’ used for exhibit in 1977. Fluid and fatty tissues are extracted  which is originally 70% of the human body and is replaced by certain plastics used by a special vacuum. The body is embalmed with formalin which is injected to the arteries to prevent decomposition. The plastinate is then cured with light/heat or certain gases and is maintained rigid, odorless and permanent.

The plastinates are structured to illustrate different features. The muscle system while sporting and other poses are modeled letting the audience relate the inner figure of the specimen to their own.”

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03 PM | 25 Jun

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Damn I got to hand it to news.com.au another story worth a re-run…also covered by Yahoo, Foxnews, AP and others. I just couldn’t resist this pic, which helped launch the opening of the new Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Odditorium in New York’s Time Square.

Check ’em out. Also educational is wikipedia entry about Robert Ripley and his intentions behind the collection. The official site for Ripley’s Operations is in Orlando.

03 PM | 25 Jun

World of Awe

World of Awe, by media artist Yael Kanarek, is an online travelogue that chronicles a search for lost treasure in a parallel world called Sunset/Sunrise. The project imagines a post-gender and post-national protagonist. Born from an observation that language defines borders and territory on the Internet, Object of Desire examines these borders, as the chapter is written in three languages: English, Arabic and Hebrew. To raise the notion of physicality of the Internet, the fifteen scenes of the online project download from servers in four locations—in Ramallah, Tel Aviv, Izmir and New York.

URL: http://www.worldofawe.net