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J-Walt performs Spontaneous Fantasia at #Melbourne #Planetarium #3D #VR [#geekgirl]

Improvised Realities / Spontaneous Fantasia from J-Walt on Vimeo.

Spontaneous Fantasia is a live immersive reality musical experience. This astounding digital work is performed by pioneering multimedia artist J-Walt. He uses the latest in interactive computer graphics techniques to bring paintings to life.  J-Walt will create entire worlds in the 360 degree dome space of the Melbourne Planetarium.

J-Walt has performed Spontaneous Fantasia throughout the world including Canada, USA, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Argentina. This will be the very first time he has brought his show to Australia.

Melbourne Planetarium Oct 8, 2016

Visit the Spontaneous Fantasia website for more Australian tour info

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05 PM | 23 May

Mat Collishaw’s Insane #3D printed #Zoetrope [#geekgirl]

UK artist Mat Collishaw teams with fellow Londoner Sebastian Burdon (who handled the 3D modeling and animation) to create a mesmerizing and impossibly detailed 3D-printed zoetrope composed of over 350 character figures plus props and environmental elements.

Based on Peter Paul Rubens’ early 17th century painting “Massacre of the innocent,” the project took six months to complete.

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06 PM | 02 May

The #3D #Additivist #Cookbook :: Submissions #manifesto #additivism [#geekgirl]

The 3D Additivist Cookbook :: Call for submissions in any form

Submissions due by 31 May 2015 for online and print publication

The 3D Printer is a metaphor for these weirdest of times: a technology with the capacity to channel creative endeavour, through digital processes, into the reformation of raw matter excavated from ancient geological eras.

Additivism is a proposed new movement in technological and artistic activism that contends with these concerns. The 3D Additivist Manifesto and Cookbook is a project that blurs the boundaries between art, engineering, science fiction, and digital aesthetics. The Manifesto calls for artists, activists, designers, scientists and critical engineers to accelerate the 3D printer and other Additivist technologies to their absolute limits and beyond into the realm of the speculative, the provocative and the weird.


12 PM | 03 Apr

3D World #Oculus #3d #virtualreality [#geekgirl]

3D world

Posted by Blorkishn on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You’ll be blown away by what you can do with Oculus VR