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3D World #Oculus #3d #virtualreality [#geekgirl]

3D world

Posted by Blorkishn on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You’ll be blown away by what you can do with Oculus VR

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Old #Books Transformed into Imaginative #3D Illustrations of Fairy Tale Scenes [#geekgirl]

Isobelle Ouzman 3D Book Art

Seattle-based artist Isobelle Ouzman creates 3D illustrations from discarded books found in dumpsters, recycling bins, and local thrift stores. She adopts these forgotten books as a way to give them a second life, cutting and pasting the books into layered fairy tale scenes instead of letting the novels collect dust or fall prey to the elements.

Ouzman creates her whimsical and monochromatic environments with an X-Acto knife, glue, watercolors and Micron pens. Each work focuses on plants and animals, several layers of winding forestry surrounding her central characters.

Etsy site: Belleiso

Source: Colossal

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Easton LaChappelle using #opensource and engineering new #3D #robotic #prosthetics [#geekgirl]

You probably haven’t heard much about 19-year-old Easton LaChappelle, though he’s already done enough to land a job at NASA. Simply put, LaChappelle is changing the world for the better.


Easton taught himself robotics and combined open source designs with 3D printing to create a completely functional prosthetic arm. Even as Easton refines his designs, he’s using new and more powerful tools such as the HP Sprout to post his designs online for anyone to refine, repurpose, and use. He’s not just creating one thing, he’s giving everyone the ability to be their own engineer, to take what was once an involved, arcane process and make it one anyone can do. As tools such as the HP Sprout continue to proliferate, making 3D modeling and object scanning as simple as placing the object under a camera, we’ll continue to find new luminaries, and seeing how they redefine the world.

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