03 PM | 03 Jan

We Must Cut the #Military and #Transition to a Science-Industrial Complex [#geekgirl]


(sic) America’s dependence on warmongering may soon become a liability that is impossible to maintain. Transhumanism, globalization, and outright replacement of human soldiers with robots are redefining the county’s military requirements, and they may eventually render defense budgets far smaller than those now.

(sic) It just so happens that there is another way—a method that would satisfy liberals and conservatives alike. Instead of always spending more on our military, we could transition our nation and its economy into a scientific-industrial complex.

There’s compelling reason to do this beyond what meets the eye. Transhumanist technology is starting to radically change human life. Many experts expect to be able to stop aging and conquer death for human beings in the next 25 years.

Source; Motherboard