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  • Corinne Grant Does A Burn-A-McBurn-Burn [#geekgirl]

    [From Corinne Grant's blog] “Dear ‘Nick’,

    You have been adding comments to a number of my articles of late, claiming that I should be dismissed as a professional opinion writer because I am a ‘celebrity mummy blogger’.  I suspect this is an important issue to you and there are probably a great number of other female writers who irritate you just as much.

    Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you for finally pointing out the elephant in the room.

    What would someone who has worked in television and has the ability to bear children know about politics, or anything at all for that matter? It does seem to be quite a leap of logic to think that a woman who has worked as a performer for 20 years could possess even the slightest level of intelligence.

    As for the work I’ve undertaken as an MC and interviewer for countless  functions for corporate, legal, academic, arts and human rights outfits which require the specialist skills I’ve developed – maybe that wasn’t me up there.

    I am either thinking of someone else or suffering from false memory syndrome.

    The claim that I know stuff is further undermined by the fact that, when I was first offered a job on TV, I had to undergo neurosurgery to remove everything except my brain stem before they’d put me in front of the camera.  (There really should be an investigation into that. They do it to all the lady television people. I’d write the story myself, but as I no longer have a left or right hemisphere, the task is beyond me.)

    The scariest thing of all is that I know heaps of other women who are claiming (obviously falsely) to have all manner of skills, experience and tertiary qualifications.

    They keep insisting that they not only have a right to an opinion, but that their opinion is intelligent and informed…”

  • “Why #patriarchy fears the scissors…” [#geekgirl]

    [From this article at The New Statesman] “My own “game” hasn’t suffered at all from having short hair, and it’s a really good way of filtering out the douchecanoes. Neo-misogynists tend not to want to sleep with me, date me or wife me up however I wear my hair, because after five minutes of conversation it tends to transpire that I’m precisely the sort of mouthy, ambitious, slutty feminist banshee who haunts their nightmares, but if I keep my hair short we tend to waste less of each other’s time. If you’ve a ladyboner for sexist schmuckweasels, short hair isn’t going to help, although they might let you administer a disappointing hand-job.

    But if you want to meet men as equals, if you want to fill your life with amazing men and boys as lovers, as life-partners, as friends and colleagues who treat women and girls as human beings rather than a walking assemblage of “signs of fertility” – believe me, they are out there – then I wouldn’t start by changing your hair. I’d start by changing your politics, and surrounding yourself with people who want to change theirs, too.”

  • #ThatWoman [#geekgirl]



    [From an article at Kotaku] '"As a woman in game development, I have only so much political capital to spend before I get dismissed as a chick, [as] crazy, hysterical, shrill, stupid, not a real woman, not a real gamer," one developer tells me. After six years in the industry, she says, "I've been soaking in it so long, I mistrust my own internal calibration."'

  • “”We are not post-racism any more than we are post-feminism…” [#geekgirl]

    “We are not post-racism any more than we are post-feminism. This is the context into which this video falls: a white middle-class woman playing ringleader to anonymous black women. Maybe there is a knowing wink here I missed. But I haven’t missed years of black women writing about how their bodies are used for white people to write their own scripts all over them.

    Whether the project is feminism or a way of selling a song. Our sketches matter. Who gets to be in charge of our bodies matters. So I am sorry but Allen cannot be the one to say this is nothing to do with race. Racism works precisely by denying the presence of race. The privilege is to not notice it.

    Does liberal feminism expect so little that we lap up the crumbs from the table? That we say to women of colour: I am afraid your concerns are a bit humourless, we will sort out the race stuff later, and by the way where did you get your nails done? Well, it’s just not good enough for this bitch.

    As hard as it might be here, I still know it’s a damn sight harder for some bitches than others.”

  • The Creepy Cull of the Female Protagonist [#nsfw] [#geekgirl]


    [Image Credit: The Escapist]

    “The game industry doesn’t want female characters. That is allegedly the message publishers have been sending to developers…If you are the kind of gamer that legit feels freaked out if you see a female character kiss a man while at the same time refusing to buy a game unless a big muscular guy is holding his polished gleaming weapon on the cover…mwahahahahah [you know what I'm implying].”

  • “Twitter vs Female Protagonists in Video Games” [#geekgirl]

    Video Game Sexism on Twitter

  • “Stories are more likely to carry a male byline…” [#geekgirl]

    [Image via The New Matilda]

    “Who reports the news in Australian daily publications? Stories are more likely to carry a male byline rather than a female one across all daily publications investigated by New Matilda. The dominance of men is focused on the big reporting fields of sport, economics (including business and finance) and politics and the most prominent parts of the publication. The gender gap is slightly greater in News Ltd publications and is most marked in the national newspaper, The Australian.The gap exists despite recent research showing women working in the media now outnumber men. There are also many more women graduating from journalism courses across Australia.This report is based on a snapshot of nine metropolitan and regional print media publications on 4 March, 2013. Stories with bylines were coded for gender and were allocated to a theme or “round”. Content categories included: arts, climate/weather, crime/law, economy (including business and finance), education, entertainment, environment, fashion, food, health, industrial relations/workplace, international, media, politics, relationships and sport.”

  • Sexist “WTF-ness” Brought to You By Wikipedia [#geekgirl]

    Sexist "WTF-ness" Brought to You By Wikipedia

    Sexist “WTF-ness” Brought to You By Wikipedia

     ”Many female novelists, like Harper Lee, Anne Rice, Amy Tan, Donna Tartt and some 300 others, had been relegated to the ranks of “American Women Novelists” only, and no longer appeared in the category “American Novelists.”

    Male novelists on Wikipedia, however — no matter how obscure — all got to be in the category “American Novelists.” In an Op-Ed article I wrote, published on The New York Times’s Web site on Wednesday, I suggested it was too bad that there wasn’t a subcategory for “American Men Novelists.” And what do you know; shortly after, a new subcategory called exactly that appeared.

    But there was more. Much more. As soon as the Op-Ed article appeared, unhappy Wikipedia editors pounced on my Wikipedia page and started making alterations to it, erasing as much as they possibly could without (I assume) technically breaking the rules. They removed the links to outside sources, like interviews of me and reviews of my novels. Not surprisingly, they also removed the link to the Op-Ed article. At the same time, they put up a banner at the top of my page saying the page needed “additional citations for verifications.” Too bad they’d just taken out the useful sources.

    In 24 hours, there were 22 changes to my page. Before that, there had been 22 changes in four years. Thursday night, a kind soul went in there and put back the deleted sources. The Wiki editors instantly took them out again.

    I knew my page might take a beating. But at least I’m back in the “American Novelists” category, along with many other women.

    For the moment anyway.”

    - “Wikipedia’s Sexism” By Amanda Filipacchi


  • Kathrine Switzer: First Woman to Enter the #BostonMarathon [#geekgirl]

    [On this day of lingering sadness regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings (and not forgetting the devastation that's currently unfolding in Waco, Texas), take in the positives of the above video of ballsy Kathrine Switzer: the first ever woman to complete the Boston-based race.]

  • “All She Did Was Join Twitter…” [#geekgirl]

    Yep, She Might Just Be a Science-Lover! Watch Out!

    Careful, She Might Just Be a Witch Science-Lover

    …when Elise Andrew, the brain behind the popular Facebook page I F**king Love Science, posted her Twitter profile picture there last week, some of the page’s 4.3 million fans were shocked to learn her gender—even though Andrew’s identity as a woman was no secret.