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#BHP Billiton #mining #disaster wipes out Mariana in Brazil #sosriodoce [#geekgirl]

Posted by Leonel Zozoiaça on Sunday, November 15, 2015

Samarco is the mining company that built and operated the mine. It is a joint venture, owned by BHP Billiton, and the Brazilian iron ore giant Vale SA.

When the dam burst , it almost wiped out the town of Bento Rodrigues.

So far nine people have died and 19 are still missing.

Brazil’s #environmental regulator fined Samrco almost $100 million. It is not nothing, but it is a fraction of the damage this disaster has caused.

The full cost may not be apparent for years but estimates of a billion dollars do not seem exaggerated.

And that multi-million dollar fine will not be the end of the matter.

Source: ABC


08 PM | 09 Aug

Elaine Whittaker a #porous #world [#geekgirl] #bioart


We live in a porous world, inside porous bodies. The possibility of being breached, infected, and losing body integrity is always present. Whittaker’s artworks explore this unavoidable fear by portraying the invisible world of teeming microbial life as luminous beauty but with the terrifying possibility of infection. Considering biology as the basis for her art practice, she integrates elements of scientific methods and technologies in her artworks, creating installations of sculpture, photo-based images, sound and paintings. Situated in the realm of Bioart, her artworks challenge viewers’ perceptions about their bodies, as sites that are continually trespassed, tainted, and contaminated by a popular culture that escalates the social anxiety and terror of microbes, thereby fuelling a sense of #bioparanoia.

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