03 PM | 17 Jan

A brain-altering wearable that allows users to change their moods on demand #QUARTZ #nomoredrugs?[#geekgirl]

“The ambiance of the luxury suite on the 14th floor of the Wynn Hotel is at once both sybaritic—the remains of a generous lunch are visible piled on a large tray as I enter the door—and clinical, with an array of wires, patches, electrodes in evidence scattered on tables and other flat surfaces. It sets the tone pretty effectively for the demo I’m about to engage in: A sneak peek at Thync, a new technology that promises to help its users “conquer life” by allowing them to tweak and torque their mood on demand.”

Source: Quartz Writer: @originalspin




11 AM | 19 Dec

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos are taking off. #whisperswork #brainorgasms [#geekgirl]

YouTube users are increasingly watching videos of people whispering, designed to provoke sensory responses. Reni Eddo-Lodge explores the appeal of seeing a woman pretending to stroke your hair.

“ASMR works with people who are extremely sensitive to sound, provoking a physical sensation in the head or scalp. However, there’s very little scientific research that confirms why or how it exists. Watching these videos feel very intimate”.

Source: Telegraph story by Reni Eddo-Lodge.

Cited: Charles Becker via FB

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