02 PM | 13 Nov

The #Jesus Trolley #Exhibition #Melbourne [#geekgirl]


Melbourne has been a stomping ground for street preachers for more than a century. In recent decades, Desmond Hynes has been the number one evangelist, proselytising through both the oral and written word.

The lately ‘retired’ Hynes combines the visual power of art and advertising on hand-painted signs and shopping trolleys covered in Jesus slogans. Unrefined and yet savvy, his unique hand-lettering is urgent and compelling, transcending the religious content of his god-fearing message. Runs til  24/12/2016. Check website for opening hours.


City Gallery Melbourne Town Hall Ground floor 100 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Enter via Halftix

07 PM | 29 Oct

#thINK24: 24hr #Tattoo Challenge #Melbourne Oct 29 – 30 [#geekgirl]

You’re doing WHAT for HOW LONG!?!

3 tattooists and 3 people getting tattooed are in for the challenge of a lifetime! This is NOT a tag-team event. We are aiming to endure as many hours of tattooing as possible in a 24 hour period! This will be a serious challenge and involve serious risks, but it’s all being done for 3 good causes!

Why Would You Put Yourselves Through That!?!

We are raising donations for 3 charities. A Well-Fed World, Greener Pastures Sanctuary and Lifeline. The more money raised, the more motivated we’ll be to endure the pain push ourselves to our limits.

What Is the ‘Ink to Make You Think’ Part?

We want to raise awareness for our chosen charities and help people learn a little more about each issue. We want to do something positive to raise awareness (and donations) to help those who are in need and help every day people learn more. If we can do that, we’ll feel like we’ve accomplished our goal! We’ll also be getting some pretty interesting tattoos…

What Are The Rules?

We will be following the same rules as Guinness World Records which means each hour completed earns you a 5 minute break. Those breaks can be taken each hour or accumulated over time.


DONATE: http://chuffed.org/project/thINK24



11 AM | 22 Aug

Kung Fu Motion #Visualization [#geekgirl]

Kung Fu Motion Visualization from Tobias Gremmler on Vimeo.

This work was commissioned for a Kung Fu exhibition and created by Tobias Gremmler. The exhibition focuses on the legacy of Hakka martial arts in Hong Kong and will launch in Hong Kong in September. The Kung Fu Masters whose motions has been captured are: Master Lee Shek Lin, master of Bak Mei Style and president of Hakka Kung Fu Culture Research Society (Variation 3,4).and Master Wong Yiu Kau, master of Lung Ying Style and founding member of Hakka Kung Fu Culture Research Society (Variation 1-3).

Exhibition Credits: Curators: Hing Chao (International Guoshu Association), Jeffrey Shaw (City University of HK), Sarah Kenderdine (University of South Wales) Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Source: Vimeo