11 AM | 22 Aug

Kung Fu Motion #Visualization [#geekgirl]

Kung Fu Motion Visualization from Tobias Gremmler on Vimeo.

This work was commissioned for a Kung Fu exhibition and created by Tobias Gremmler. The exhibition focuses on the legacy of Hakka martial arts in Hong Kong and will launch in Hong Kong in September. The Kung Fu Masters whose motions has been captured are: Master Lee Shek Lin, master of Bak Mei Style and president of Hakka Kung Fu Culture Research Society (Variation 3,4).and Master Wong Yiu Kau, master of Lung Ying Style and founding member of Hakka Kung Fu Culture Research Society (Variation 1-3).

Exhibition Credits: Curators: Hing Chao (International Guoshu Association), Jeffrey Shaw (City University of HK), Sarah Kenderdine (University of South Wales) Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Source: Vimeo