05 PM | 10 Apr

Bristol’s #grammarvigilante correcting bad #punctuation on shop signs #video [#geekgirl]

Right – thats it. Sorry…that’s it. The missing or misplaced apostrophe has irritated one Bristol grammar stickler so much that he has set about correcting and cleaning up public signs in the city. He’s anonymous and works in the early hours of the morning. He takes great care, working with specially designed kit, and so successful is he that shop-owners don’t even notice when their signs have been put right.

Source: Youtube

Listen here for the full doco: The BBC’s West of England correspondent, Jon Kay, has been following our man as he works. This is The Apostrophiser’s Tale.

02 PM | 06 Oct

Saul Williams – Burundi feat. Emily Kokal of Warpaint #video [#geekgirl]

Dubbed the “poet laureate of hip hop,” Saul Williams, 43, has written four books of poetry: S/HE (1999), said the shotgun to the head (2003), The Dead Emcee Scrolls: The Lost Teachings of Hip-Hop (2006), and US(a.) (2015)— all published under MTV Books/Pocketbooks. He has also recorded five albums: Amethyst Rock Star (2001), Not in My Name (2003), Saul Williams (2004), The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust (2007), and Volcanic Sunlight (2011). As an actor, Williams has starred in the critically acclaimed film Slam— which in 1998 took home the Sundance Festival Grand Jury Prize and the Cannes Film Festival Caméra d’Or— and in the Broadway musical Holler If Ya Hear Me, which featured the music of Tupac Shakur. Here, Williams talks about US(a.) and his observations about the state of America after living in Paris for four years, about art and politics, and his forthcoming graphic novel and album Martyr Loser King due out in early 2016 on the FADER Label.

Great exclusive interview by Joann Natalia Aquino for AfroPunk with Saul Williams, on his work, life as a loser and new graphic novel.


06 PM | 30 Aug

Laurie Penny: #Feminism needs to talk more about male struggles [#geekgirl]


“Sexism and misogyny and gendered violence are economic issues at their heart.”

“Laurie Penny is no stranger to controversy, nor to the toxic trolling that has become a familiar byproduct of being a woman speaking out in dissent against the forces of both patriarchy and capitalism. But this 28-year-old feminist, journalist, author of five books and social justice warrior wants to talk about something that is usually left to conservative hand-wringers. She wants to talk about men.

Penny is no hand-wringer, though. She acknowledges men are struggling to adapt to economic and social upheaval, and that they need help – but a return to the old social and gender norms is out of the question. So do feminists need to do more to bring men along with us?”

Source: Daily Life interview by Jenny Noyes

Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney 05-06 SEPT, 2015.