06 PM | 30 Aug

Laurie Penny: #Feminism needs to talk more about male struggles [#geekgirl]


“Sexism and misogyny and gendered violence are economic issues at their heart.”

“Laurie Penny is no stranger to controversy, nor to the toxic trolling that has become a familiar byproduct of being a woman speaking out in dissent against the forces of both patriarchy and capitalism. But this 28-year-old feminist, journalist, author of five books and social justice warrior wants to talk about something that is usually left to conservative hand-wringers. She wants to talk about men.

Penny is no hand-wringer, though. She acknowledges men are struggling to adapt to economic and social upheaval, and that they need help – but a return to the old social and gender norms is out of the question. So do feminists need to do more to bring men along with us?”

Source: Daily Life interview by Jenny Noyes

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