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Paul Rogers, Artist Talk June 26/07

F O O T S C R A Y A U D I O – V I S U A L


^_^ eyes and ears together


Paul Rodgers Artist Talk

Tuesday 26 June 6-8pm Pit Theatre, Footscray Arts

Paul Rodgers will be presenting his hand-made optical devices that use new and old projection technologies to make light fill space. While everyone else is asking “what software do you use?” Paul is breaking apart video cameras and 16mm film projectors and re-using them in his sprawling electro-mechanical installations.

BIO: —- Paul Rodgers has a comprehensive background in Media Arts site-specific installation, time based media and performance art practice in the UK and internationally. Since 2004 he has been a prolific VJ in Melbourne, mixing at numerous venues including Loop Bar, St Jerome’s, Revolver, HiFi bar and Ace Morning.

Since 1997, Paul has exhibited mixed media installations at PB Gallery (2000), Stripp Gallery (1999) and the Binary Bar (1997), Melbourne.

Paul Rodgers’ films are represented by Lux (London) and have been screened extensively internationally at venues such as Millennium, New York (2001) and Light Cone, Paris (2001) and at festivals such as the Cote Court, 3e festival du Court Metrage, France (1994) the London Film Festival (1990) and the Polish Short Film Festival, Krakow, (1990). In 2004-05 he showed Spectrum Drum & Spectrum Chart, in the Proof show at ACMI. Paul also exhibited kinetic sound machines during Liquid Architecture 5 and TV EYE ASS in Liquid Architecture 6.

READ ME: ——– FAVSC is a regular meeting place for artists, noise makers, sound-designers, electronics boffins, installation artists, film freaks, VHS geeks, performers, programmers, DIYers, phonographers, photographers, holographers, circuit benders, laptop musicians, curators, producers and anyone with an interest in lo/hi-fi new/old-media art.

TRANSPORT: ———- Take Williamstown/Werribee/Sydenham train from city, alight at Footscray, turn away from the shopping centre on your right, go left over the rail bridge, down Bunbury street until you hit Moreland st, look for the white shipping container

Footscray Arts is located on the Maribyrnong river bicycle path, which crosses the Footscray Road bicycle path from the Melbourne city.

Limited on-site parking available

INFO: —– Paul Rodgers Tuesday 26 June 6-8pm Pit Theatre, Footscray Arts 45 Moreland Street, Footscray

FAVSC is produced by Emile Zile and co-curated by Martyn Coutts, Artists-In-Residence at Footscray Arts. FAVSC is a new media lab program designed to encourage and build relationships with established and emerging new media artists.


<emile> cultureshocktherapist at gmail dot com

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Send a post to the anarchy debate – Click here

This debate is a moderated debate forum, open for all kinds of anarchists, not only members/subscribers of the Anarchist International. Anarchism = socialism + autonomy = libertarian, see http://www.anarchy.no/a_e_p_m.html.

The debate is open to individualist anarchists, collectivist anarchists, communist anarchists and social-individualist anarchists and for different aspects such as anarchosyndicalists, anarchafeminists and eco/green anarchists. Platformists (collectivists) to the left and “anarcho”capitalists (individualists) to the right on the economical political map http://www.anarchy.no/a_e_p_m.html, are not really anarchists, and have no place in this debate. “Anarcho”-capitalism, is anarcho-(economical) plutarchy, an oxymoron, and thus not anarchist.

Platformism with majority rule and a central committee is too leftist, marxistoid to be anarchist. Feel free to use a nick-name, or your real name. The editor-group may shorten posts to the debate.

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Green drinks for job seekers, Melbourne

Environmental Job Network invites everyone to Green Drinks — Thursday, June 21/07.

If you want to discover some of Melbourne`s hottest bars and talk to other Environmental Job Seekers and Professionals then come along to EJN`s Green Drinks.

This is a great chance for Melbourne employment seekers to informally chat with other environmentally friendly people about jobs, careers, networks and the environment!

Each month will feature drink specials at a different bar and a couple of activities to break the ice. So come along and get to know EJN as well as a range of different people working, volunteering and studying in the environmental field.

This month’s green drinks will be held on Thursday 21 June from 6-8pm at Yak bar in Melbourne – 150 Flinders Lane (corner of Russell Street and Flinders Lane) http://www.yakbarfood.com.au

No RSVP required. For more information please contact info@environmentaljobs.com.au

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Workers want Web 2.0

USA – Speakers at the Enterprise 2.0 conference say the next generation of employees will demand workplace access to blogs, wikis, and social networking sites.

Younger employees – like that new batch of university graduates hitting the market right now – are going to be pushing employers to use Web 2.0 technologies on the job. And if their companies don’t start adopting them, younger workers will most likely just start using them on the sly.

“The upcoming generation is going to have a major impact on business. She will expect to have access to her tools in the workplace,” said Marthin De Beer, a senior VP with Cisco Systems.

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Google set to become carbon neutral

Google has announed its intention to become carbon neutral by the end of 2007. The anouncement was made today in Paris. Full details of Google’s green initiatives are available at: http://www.google.com/corporate/green/energy/

In addition to these wide ranging global initiatives, Google Australia is an active participant in Google’s self-powered commuting scheme. This scheme see employees rewarded for travelling to work by public transport or ‘self-powered’ means (eg bike, skateboard, walking) with a US$100 donation to their chosen charity for every 20 days of participation.