09 PM | 09 Jan

Pierre Joseph Proudhon’s basic ideas

Proudhon is most famous for his hypothesis that Property is theft. He was a social individualist anarchist, see the economic-political map at http://www.anarchy.no/a_e_p_m.html. IIFOR’s precisation of Proudhon’s property vs possession concept is: Anarchies very briefly defined are systems with small rank and income differences, plus efficiency. Any ownership that is compatible with systems with small rank and income differences, plus efficiency, is possession. Possession may be individual or collective, private or public. Any ownership that results in large income differences is capitalist, economical plutarchy. Any ownership that results in large rank differences is statist.” This is property, i.e. not possession. The basic ideas of Proudhon are elaborated in the following quotes.

See link:http://www.anarchy.no/proudhon.html

08 PM | 09 Jan

Closet Assistant, Web 2 style

I once had a French teacher in high school who–legend has it–purchased about a hundred pairs of the same shoe in the same size after deciding it was the best pair of shoes he had ever worn, and calculating the wear rate combined with his life expectancy. For him, my guess is that picking out what pair of shoes he wanted to wear each day was not an issue, but for everything else, maybe he could have benefited from a service called Closet Assistant, which as the name suggests is a system to help you pick out what clothes to wear based on what you’ve got sitting in your closet.


08 PM | 09 Jan

Uber Lingua presents Babylon Circus

This Friday Jan 11th Uber Lingua presents Babylon Circus from France at the NSC.

Blenders of ska-punk, chanson, funk, afro-beat, dancehall reggae and Eastern European folk rouse the Northcote Social Club with their multi-lingual antics and big-top energy. This 10-piece big band have been zigzagging the globe with their epic sonic spectacle so if you loved Leo and Java don’t miss them.

Uber DJs include Dubwise, Lord Lingham and Zaibatsu

Where: Northcote Social Club, 301 High Street Northcote, Melbourne When: Friday January 11th — 8.30pm till 12.30pm How much: $25 +BF or $30 on door More info: http://www.babyloncircus.net

Tickets: http://www.northcotesocialclub.com