10 PM | 30 May

Rosie X interviews Craig Smith at Agile Australia 2012 #agileaus #agilecoach #geekgirl

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Craig Smith is an expert Agile Coach with Suncorp’s Business Services division. In this warts-and-all interview recorded at Agile Australia 2012, he discusses his personal evolution in Agile software development; -isms in Agile; and books, history, and sources.

Smith has been instrumental in getting Agile acknowledged as a new way of thinking and approaching projects. He is a passionate contributor to the Agile community, with a deep understanding of Agile’s progression over the past decade. He is a regular trainer for the Agile Academy, has presented at a number of international conferences and is also an Agile Editor for InfoQ.  He also produces The Agile Revolution  podcast with mates Tony and Renee.

Twitter: @smithcdau


02 PM | 07 Apr

Rudy Rucker interviews Stephen Wolfram about the search for truth

And now, in 2009, a new kind of browser search engine called Wolfram|Alpha is about to appear.  Rudy Rucker talks to Stephen Wolfram on the phone for about two hours, and gets the power of Wolfram|Alpha’s demonstrated via a web-conferencing hook-up.  

A slightly condensed podcast of the conversation is online at http://hplusmagazine.com/media/sw_alphapodcast.mp3.

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