02 PM | 13 Apr


Come and play the real world between April 12th -20th, as streets and buildings become the canvas for innovative media artworks that trigger social interactions and active engagement within the community. The A-LURE game elements are artworks installed as digital projections, interactive video, sound works and other innovative media throughout the City of Melbourne.  Mobile phones and the internet will be used as tools to discover, interact and create where players are ‘lured’ to locate and interact with the artworks in public spaces.

A-LURE examines the modern cultural lures present in our society that tempt us away from confidence, self-respect and acceptance. Through A-LURE, young people with experience of hardship and artists at Visionary Images have been collaborating to create alternative ‘lures’ that will encourage empathy, understanding and respect for cultural diversity. Game players can also add their own ‘lures’ via the internet or mobile phone.

Start to play the real world by registering as a game player by: SMS: text the word ‘register’ followed by a nickname of your choice to 0428 141 103 or b) WEB: visit www.a-lure.org and follow the instructions.

Jodie McCleery, info@visionaryimages.org T: 03 9427 1351 www.visionaryimages.org

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