01 PM | 23 Aug

Harajuku #Decora #Fashion Walk Pictures #2015 [#geekgirl]

Decora Japan

Decora is one of the Japanese fashion subcultures that helped to make Harajuku famous around the world back in the 1990s. While decora isn’t as popular as it once was, there is still a core group of cheerful Harajuku kids who keep the style alive on the streets. Japanese street styles change over the years, but decora still revolves around one key element – lots and lots of kawaii and colorful hair clips. There were plenty of cute hair clips on display this weekend as Tokyo decora fans gathered for a fashion walk around the streets of Harajuku.

Source: Tokyo Fashion

07 PM | 16 Aug

Artwork by Audrey Kawasaki #Museum #Art [#geekgirl]


Long Beach Museum of Art had a genius idea to allow street artists a blank canvas in their exhibitions, allowing them to create their own works as they see fit. The exhibition that took place on June 26th, was known as “Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape” which displayed works of not just street artists who are taking a new approach, but studio artists trying their hand at street art. Seems to have been an ephemeral exercise, explains Ron Nelson, Executive Director of the Long Beach Museum of Art. “Once the exhibition ends, the walls will be repainted and prepared for the next exhibition.

Source: One More Post

01 PM | 08 Feb

Macquarie Dictionary #Word of the Year 2014, #mansplain [#geekgirl]

The Macquarie Committee’s Choice for 2014 goes to:


verb (tColloquial (humorous) (of a man) to explain (something) to a woman, in a way that is patronising because it assumes that a woman will be ignorant of the subject matter. [MAN + (EX)PLAIN with s inserted to create a pronunciation link with explain] –mansplainingnoun

The Committee chose mansplain as the word of the year for 2014. They felt that it was a much needed word and it was a clever coinage which captured neatly the concept of the patronising explanation offered only too frequently by some men to women.

The Committee would like to give honourable mention to:


noun the application of strategies or shortcuts used to simplify or improve any aspect of one’s life. [LIFE + HACKING2] –lifehackernoun

binge watching

noun the practice of viewing a favourite television series, seeing many episodes in one extended sitting. Also, binge viewing.

bamboo ceiling

noun a barrier created by prejudice which hampers the progress of Asian Australians to positions of leadership in government and business institutions. [modelled on GLASS CEILING]