12 PM | 31 Mar

Shit #Gardens II #Melbourne [#geekgirl]


In celebration of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2017, the team behind ShitGardens will be presenting a pop-up bar, featuring a selection of original works as well as curation of works submitted by their instagram followers.

Building on the success of the last exhibition, the boys will be working alongside Lulu in bringing the bar to ‘life’ with a ShitGardens themed make-over and a selection of kitsch, garden-esque tapas.

As noted, the exhibition will feature both original and submitted content (at an affordable price), with proceeds going to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC).

The opening / pop-up bar will begin on Friday 31/3 at 6pm, with the exhibition closing on Sunday 2/4, when Lulu’s doors shut.

506 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3051

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02 PM | 13 Nov

The #Jesus Trolley #Exhibition #Melbourne [#geekgirl]


Melbourne has been a stomping ground for street preachers for more than a century. In recent decades, Desmond Hynes has been the number one evangelist, proselytising through both the oral and written word.

The lately ‘retired’ Hynes combines the visual power of art and advertising on hand-painted signs and shopping trolleys covered in Jesus slogans. Unrefined and yet savvy, his unique hand-lettering is urgent and compelling, transcending the religious content of his god-fearing message. Runs til  24/12/2016. Check website for opening hours.


City Gallery Melbourne Town Hall Ground floor 100 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Enter via Halftix

01 PM | 23 Jun

Beautiful #photographs of #Tomboys of the 1930s [#geekgirl]


“I was tumbling through Tumblr, one of my favourite places on the internet to discover history’s lesser-known muses and there, on page thirty-something of my browsing, I stopped at a photograph of an androgynous woman taken by Marianne Breslauer, a name unfamiliar to me. As I began googling her work, my screen was soon taken over by black and white images revealing her captivation with the elegant 1930s tomboy style, which was finding its niche right around the time Marianne had decided to pick up a camera.

Marianne’s career as a photographer was a very short one and she left behind only a small photographic body of work, created in between 1928 and 1938. She was born in Berlin in 1909 and travelled to Paris at the dawn of the 1930s where she briefly became a pupil of Man Ray. When she returned to Germany, her photographs were published in several leading magazines, but she would soon have to confront the anti-Semitic practices that were coming into play in her home country. Her employers wanted to continue publishing her avant-garde photos, but under a pseudonym to hide her Jewish background.”

Source: Messy Nessy