01 PM | 19 Sep

Matt Hsu’s Obscure #Orchestra – Make Everything #video [#geekgirl]

What if being creative was driven by a love of the process rather than for instant, instagrammable fame? That’s the concept behind a new single by QUT’s sessional academic and musician Dr Matt Hsu.The one-man orchestra has just released Make Everything, a gentle celebration of the joy of making art over the disposable allure of fame. It’s a collaboration between Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra and lo-fi bedroom-pop maker apadalia (QUT nursing student Ashleigh Finlay) and Taiwanese indie fashion due duo LOOPY! who also illustrated the associated art work.

“I also wanted to make a statement celebrating the contentment and reward of making things just for the love of it and why that is important. It’s a subtle counterpoint to the collective cultural hunger for instant fame and relevancy, lately distilled in social media and celebrity culture.” Matt Hsu