04 PM | 13 Jan

Gay Nuptials Wedding Cake Bash! “Whack shit without Fear” #bridezillas #midsumma #Melbourne #geekgirl

On January 22nd, women in bouffant gowns and stylin’ tuxes will converge in Fitzroy’s Edinburgh gardens for an all-in wedding cake brawl – in the name of equal love and as part of the Midsumma Festival.

The ‘Gay Nuptials Cake Bash’ is the latest in a series of women’s only fights held by ‘Femme Fight Club’ over the past two years from Melbourne to Berlin. The fights are non-spectator and were conceived as a place where women could express their natural aggression without fear of judgement or injury. In keeping with this weapons have included tomatoes, flowers, wine, wet newspapers, breadsticks, balloons, lettuce and beer.

As event organiser Casey Jenkins explains “We’re more interested in breaking stereotypes than bones

For the bash on January 22nd, they’ll be fighting for something more: marriage equality.

“Femme Fights are all about trying to break down old fashioned prejudiced assumptions about gender,” says Jenkins, “We find the fact that Australia is still so blatantly discriminatory and obsessed with genitals, by dictating who we can love and commit to based on gender, appalling. It makes us want to chuck, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

Jenkins hopes the cake fight will send a message to the Government that women aren’t going to sit pretty waiting for change; they’re prepared to get up and fight for gender equality in marriage.

The event is for anyone who identifies as female, is strictly non-spectator (you show, you biff) and adults only though child minders will be on site. The cakes, which are vegan and made largely from discarded ingredients, will be provided and the rubble collected at the end of the event for compost. Provisions will be made to include those who have physical conditions such as being preggas or sporting broken limbs.

The fight will be followed by a reception with live music so we can lick our tasty wounds.

 Event Details:

Where: Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy, by the rotunda Melbourne, Australia Date: Sunday 22 January Time: 3pm Price: Full $8; Concession $6 (through Midsumma.org.au) Duration: 60 mins approx

Dress: Bridezilla

Links: http://www.midsumma.org.au/component/jevents/icalrepeat.detail/2012/01/15/1419/-/-