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Untrashing #Djulpan: A @SeaShepherd_Aus film and #Marine #Debris #Campaign [#geekgirl]

Untrashing Djulpan – A Sea Shepherd Film “Ŋilmurru bukmak djäka wäŋawu – All of us together, looking after country.

In 2018, Sea Shepherd joined forces with the Dhimurru indigenous rangers of North-East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory for a remote marine debris clean-up mission.

Djulpan is a remote beach, far from any town or city. It is a culturally significant place for the Yolngu people and an important nesting ground for turtles.

However, for the past decade, the Dhimurru rangers have been faced with an increasing tide of plastic pollution arriving on their coastline.

Together, the team’s plan was to remove as much plastic from the beach as possible but what they uncovered was the sad reality of plastic pollution today.

‘Untrashing Djulpan’ tells their story.

Premiering September 2019.

—- Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organisation that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife, and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

Learn more Sea Shepherd Australia: https://www.seashepherd.org.au

03 PM | 04 Aug

Black Finch Project – Viewing (Art vs #Adani) [#geekgirl]

The current Black Finch Project takes its name from the tiny, almost extinct bird whose last key habitat is threatened by the Adani mine. There are thought to be only 1,000 of the species remaining and scientists have warned that the native finch may well be wiped out by the habitat-destroying mining operation.

Adani’s management plan for the endangered bird was initially rejected by the Queensland state government, before a revised plan was approved on May 31. Despite the revisions, scientists have serious reservations about the finch’s ability to survive.

Source: Artshub


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#YES [#geekgirl]


Today was an awesome result – 61.6% of people voted to support same sex marriage in Australia. The government needs to move swiftly to pass legislation and make this happen. No more muckin’ about!


03 PM | 14 Sep

The Coded Gaze: Unmasking #Algorithmic Bias @jovialjoy [#geekgirl]

Debuted at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Coded Gaze mini documentary follows Poet of Code Joy Buolamwini’s personal frustrations with facial recognition software and the need for more inclusive code. Learn more at www.ajlunited.org

Joy is a poet of code on a mission to show compassion through computation. As a first-year PhD student in the Center for Civic Media, she founded and leads the Algorithmic Justice League to raise awareness about algorithmic bias and to build tools for inclusive and participatory artificial intelligence. Her research explores the intersection of social impact technology and inclusion with a focus on creating learning experiences that engage diverse participants in shaping the the future of AI. Currently, she is building a Facial Analysis Playground to introduce novices to computer vision and a Data Destiny Tool that enables exploration of training data used for machine learning.

Source: MIT | Poet of Code website

03 PM | 22 Jan

History of the #pussyhat #project [#geekgirl]

Knit 1, Protest 2.

“I wanted to do something more than just show up,” said Krista Suh the 29-year-old screenwriter who lives in downtown Los Angeles, recalling how her professors at the all-female Barnard College in New York City urged her to think about problems. “How can I visually show someone what’s going on? And I realized as a California girl, I would be really cold in D.C. — it’s not tank-top weather year-round. So I thought maybe I could knit myself a hat.”

And so the “pussyhat project” was born. Knitters — mostly women — started crafting handmade pink caps with cat ears, a reference to Trump’s vulgar statements about grabbing women’s genitals, which were revealed in a leaked video shortly before the election.

What started as a project among Suh, Jayna Zweiman and other friends at the Little Knittery in Los Angeles’ Atwater Village section turned into a global movement. Knitting groups at yarn stores, cafes and coffee shops from Seattle to Martha’s Vineyard churned out hats, and craft stores have reported a run on pink yarn. As word spread on social media, thousands of hats — knit with skeins of thick magenta or fuchsia yarn — have been made around the world, including in Australia and Austria.

Krista Suh, left, and Jayna Zweiman, right, co-creators of the "pussyhat," are photographed with Kat Coyle on Jan. 6, 2017 at The Little Knittery in Atwater Village, Calif.  (Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times/TNS) Krista Suh, left, and Jayna Zweiman, right, co-creators of the “pussyhat,” are photographed with Kat Coyle

Source: SF Examiner

 For patterns: The Pussyhat Project