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  • “Humans Need Not Apply …” [#geekgirl]

  • #DARPA Robotics Challenge: 1st Phase [#geekgirl]

    DARPA Bots

    [As reported by] “Remember that big DARPA Robotics Challenge for humanoid robots that we posted about in October 2012? The first phase, known as the Virtual Robotics Challenge, is now complete. Tim Smith over at the Open Source Robotics Foundation has got a new post up about the results. The quick version is that 26 teams from 8 countries qualified for the VRC and based on the result, DARPA has selected a total of 9 teams to move on to the the next phase which will involve physical robots.”

  • Halla Tomasdottir: Embracing the #Beauty of Balance [#geekgirl]

    Via TEDWomen, Halla Tomasdottir shares her thoughts regarding her approach to surviving Iceland’s financial crisis:

    “…we felt a bit overwhelmed with testosterone. And I’m not here to say that men are to blame for the crisis and what happened in my country. But I can surely tell you that in my country – like on Wall St and the city of London and elsewhere – men were at the helm of the game of the financial sector, and that kind of lack of diversity and sameness leads to disastrous problems…Doing emotional due diligence is just as important as doing financial due diligence. It is actually people that make money and lose money, not Excel spreadsheets…I am fed up with this tyranny of either/or choices in life – either it’s men, or it’s women. We need to start embracing the beauty of balance. So let’s move away from thinking about business here and philanthropy there, and lets start thinking about doing good business. That’s how we change the world. That’s the only sustainable future.”

    [Watch Halla's entire talk below or go here.]

  • #Relativity Paradox [#geekgirl]


    Gamma Reloaded

    Gamma Reloaded

    A fabulous video summation regarding just what happens when travelling near [approaching] the speed of light.

  • Faux #Pets Relieving #Student #Stress #geekgirl

    [You can never underestimate the stress-relieving power of meaningful animal interactions.]

  • #Punk has always been political – Reading: coverage of Pussy Riot trial in Russia. #art #pussyriot #putin #politics #music #geekgirl

    Trial of Pussy Riot punk group

    Trial of Pussy Riot punk group

    Pussy Riot: ‘Russian courts are boring … but this week it’s been like an American movie’.

    Three female members of Pussy Riot, a Russian punk band, face prison on hooliganism charges. Here, Pyotr Verzilov, the husband of one of the women, gives his diary account of five extraordinary days in a Moscow court.

    Source: Guardian

    Image: Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Maria Alyokhina at their trial. Photograph: Yuri Kochetkov/EPA


     Putin vs Punk: Pussy Riot trial continues

    After storming a Moscow cathedral and performing an anti-Putin song last March, three female members of punk band Pussy Riot have been held in a Russian prison awaiting the trial which finally began earlier this week.

    The three women have revealed that their time in prison has deprived them of food and sleep, and have even asked to submit a formal request pleading that the trial be put on hold until they can recover from their ordeal.

    Source: Arts Hub Australia 


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  • Rosie X interviews Craig Smith at Agile Australia 2012 #agileaus #agilecoach #geekgirl

    Craig Smith

    Craig Smith

    Craig Smith is an expert Agile Coach with Suncorp’s Business Services division. In this warts-and-all interview recorded at Agile Australia 2012, he discusses his personal evolution in Agile software development; -isms in Agile; and books, history, and sources.

    Smith has been instrumental in getting Agile acknowledged as a new way of thinking and approaching projects. He is a passionate contributor to the Agile community, with a deep understanding of Agile’s progression over the past decade. He is a regular trainer for the Agile Academy, has presented at a number of international conferences and is also an Agile Editor for InfoQ.  He also produces The Agile Revolution  podcast with mates Tony and Renee.

    Twitter: @smithcdau


  • Discovered – Tina Modotti – #Photographer and #Revolutionary

    Tina Modotti, Hands of the Puppeteer

    Tina Modotti - Hands of the Puppeteer - 1929

    In the exhibition “TINA MODOTTI – Photographer and Revolutionary”, KUNST HAUS WIEN presents a comprehensive retrospective of a legendary photographer who has still not received the attention she deserves. Tina Modotti, who was born in 1896 in Udine, Italy and died in 1942 in Mexico, was one of the most fascinating women of the 20th century. She became famous as a result of the photographs she created in Mexico in the 1920s and her involvement in the revolutionary movements of her time.

    The exhibition traces the path of Tina Modotti’s life, which took her from Italy to California, Mexico, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Spain and back to Mexico, and acquaints us with the people who were important to her, among them the photographers Edward Weston and Johan Hagemeyer, the author B. Traven and the artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. It also presents other photographers’ impressions of Modotti, who had started out as an actress in silent films, among them one of the most highly priced nude photographs in the history of photography, the image “The White Iris”, made by Edward Weston in 1921.

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