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  • Kathrine Switzer: First Woman to Enter the #BostonMarathon [#geekgirl]

    [On this day of lingering sadness regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings (and not forgetting the devastation that's currently unfolding in Waco, Texas), take in the positives of the above video of ballsy Kathrine Switzer: the first ever woman to complete the Boston-based race.]

  • #Sports Haters Look Away Now: The RefCam [#geekgirl]

    There’s no real surprise in the fact that anything to do with overtly corporatised [and hence santised to the hilt] sport just isn’t my cup of tea. Considering the fact many sporting conglomerations are over-funded, overvalued at the expense of other cultural pursuits and rife with corruption, my distinct lack of enthusiasm is [hopefully] understandable.

    But having typed that, can I just completely negate that entire sentiment by saying that holy crapola I like the gadget shown below? The implications for this type of immediate-feedback-inducing tech are wide ranging and just all-round gosh-darn remarkable.