09 AM | 15 Mar

Can you help with #tooFEW? [#geekgirl]

Feminists Engage Wikipedia

“We’re organizing another wikipedia edit session, called Feminists Engage Wikipedia, or #tooFEW. I’ve seen a few announcements about #tooFEW on here, but wanted to put out a call/plea for help tomorrow. The event has become WAY larger than any of us anticipated, with 5 in-person sessions and a big virtual component. Almost everyone is a first-time editor, with a few experienced people guiding the way.

We’ve developed a chatroom for asking questions, sharing resources or just meeting other folks. If you’ve participated in another edit-a-thon, or have some experience editing Wikipedia or negotiating disputes that arise, we’d love to have you in the chatroom as a resource! And if you want to take your first editing steps with us, jump in!”

Friday, March 15th 11am – 3pm EST

Collaborative wiki for resources, keeping tabs of blogs on #tooFEW, etc.: http://hastac.org/wiki/toofew-collaborative-wiki-page

Official Wikipedia page – please register here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/Feminists_Engage_Wikipedia