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  • The Slash and Burn #Budget2014 Hypocrisy [#geekgirl]


    [Via Gregory Erdstein] “If we do win the election and we immediately say, oh, we got it all wrong, we’ve now got to do all these different things, we will instantly be just as bad as the current government has been and I just refuse to be like that.”

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  • “$11,000 for breakfast with Tony Abbott…” [#geekgirl]

    [Via The Guardian] “The Liberal party federal director, Brian Loughnane, has offered “business observers” a breakfast with the prime minister, Tony Abbott, and access to his ministers’ chiefs of staff for $11,000, at the same time as New South Wales Liberal party members face scrutiny in the Independent Commission Against Corruption over influence peddling.

    The $11,000 price tag – including GST – is pitched just below the $12,000 threshold at which political donations have to be disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission.

    An email from Loughnane went out to potential business observers on Tuesday afternoon, after two days of hearings in the Icac inquiry into the Eightbyfive slush fund, which, Icac has heard, took banned donations from property developers to fund specific Liberal party campaigns.”

  • Climate Sceptics Now Want To be Known as “The Freedom and Prosperity Party” [#1984] [#geekgirl]


  • Judge #Gender Diversity Threatened By #OneTermTony [#geekgirl]

    [From  this Sydney Morning Herald article]: ‘A senior NSW judge has warned there are ”worrying signs” the Abbott government is winding back measures to promote greater gender diversity on the bench and called for vigilance to ensure hard-won advancements for female lawyers are not lost.

    Ruth McColl, who has served on the Court of Appeal for more than a decade, said changes introduced by the former Labor government to improve the transparency of the appointment process for federal judges appeared to have been scrapped by the Coalition.

    ”The aim of the process was to ensure the evolution of the federal judiciary into one that better reflected the diversity of the Australian community,” Justice McColl said in a speech in Sydney on Thursday night.

    ”That position has now changed. According to the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department website as at 22 February, 2014: ‘There are no current judicial appointment processes’ for any of the federal courts. Read what you like into that rather Delphic statement.”’

  • #OneTermTony’s “Wimp” Comments about #NoMoralsMorrison [#geekgirl] [#threewordslogans]

    No Morals Morrison

    No Morals Morrison [Image Credit:]

    [Via] “Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s bungled information about the death and violence on Manus Island, adding that there was “very little damage” to the detention centre and that the riot had been “dealt with”.

    You don’t want a wimp running border protection, you want someone who is strong, who is decent and Scott Morrison is both strong and decent.” – One Term Tony

    Mr Morrison also did not explain why it took until Saturday night to confirm conclusively that Mr Berati had died inside the centre.

    “As time goes on the picture becomes clearer,” he said.

    He declined to comment on whether he believed that Mr Berati was necessarily behaving in a “riotous” manner, or the behaviour of G4S staff at the time of the incident.

    “I’m not going to speculate,” he said.

    Mr Morrison said these questions would be determined by an independent review and police investigation.

    Mr Morrison said Mr Berati’s body was in the process of being sent to Port Moresby and would undergo an autopsy.

    Mr Morrison said he had faith in the PNG justice system and would not comment on whether it was appropriate to have allowed G4S guards to watch over Mr Berati’s body despite also potentially being subjects of an investigation.

    “These centres by definition will always be tense places because people don’t want to be there,” he said.Mr Morrison said the government was in control of the Manus Island centre.

    “The centre is under control as we speak right now,” he said. “Within hours of this incident taking place, the centre resumed operations.”

    Mr Morrison also quashed reports the government was considering closing the PNG detention centre.

    “The Manus Island processing centre will remain under this government,” he said.”

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