03 PM | 28 Jul

Chris Howlett Flashbacks

Opening Wednesday 5 August, 6-9pm, 2009 Balmoral Room, Brisbane, Australia

A multi-disciplinary exhibition combining contemporary art with immersive interactive gameplay, live action documentation and video art works.

Chris Howlett’s new interactive video and sound art exhibition called Flashbacks opens at the Balmoral Room in City Hall coinciding with the Brisbane International Film Festival. The works in this exhibition explore a number of fundamental questions around the way in which new technologies shift cultural and political understandings of our physical and psychological selves. Through combining 3D game play with interactive game mods, video projections, sound works and site-specific installations, these works activate an immersive space from which to critically and creatively consider how reality and simulated environments both construct and reconfigure our ideas about the nature of identity.

Howlett’s work asks us to reflect on how we function as a society in response to these new spaces of interaction, how we might respond to the political dimensions of these expanded sites of inhabitation, and how they might also represent a more troubling scenario for the possibility of dissent or opposition in our media saturated culture.

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11 PM | 19 Jun

Change Your Online Status – Support Refugee Week

Look beyond the label The best way you can show your support is by changing your online status and profile during Refugee Week. This will identifty you as a supporter and encourage others to acknowledge the important issue of refugee identity. Simply download the status pack or packs you want and follow the instructions. It only takes a moment to change your status and make a lasting contribution to the lives of refugees in the UK.

05 PM | 13 Apr

Eugenia Raskopoulos at Arc One Gallery – Melbourne

Eugenia Raskopoulos’s exhibition titled Writing Towards Disappearance continues her ongoing exploration of performance, language, identity and the subjective nature of translation agency firms and their work across cultures.

Recently returning from Istanbul where her video work In A Word: Untitled #5 was featured in the Nightcomers Project: 10th International Istanbul Biennale, Raskopoulos has become recognized as a significant artist working across photography, video, installation and performance.  Technically Raskopoulos’s work explores the margins of photography and video, an interdisciplinary zone that synthesizes different methods of communication-highlighting the profound implications and meaning embedded in a simple movement.

runs until 2 May Arc One Gallery 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne www.arc1gallery.com