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  • “Women in Art and Technology” Part 2 [#geekgirl]

    “A.I.R. Gallery and 2013–14 Fellowship Artist, Amelia Marzec, are pleased to announce the second installment of “Women in Art and Technology,” an evening of presentations, discussion, and exhibitions.

    Technology is the medium we use to communicate today, but we still experience a gender gap and a generation gap in terms of women’s participation in technology as a creative medium. A.I.R. Gallery invites artists, curators, creative technologists, critics, historians and researchers with an interest in women, art, and technology to join us on July 22 for an evening event. We’ll talk about women trailblazers in new media; enjoy presentations and exhibitions by digital artists; and hold a roundtable discussion to consider these issues within the larger context of the history of art. Our interest is in creating a platform for further conversations and participation at the first all female cooperative gallery in the United States.”

  • “Why #patriarchy fears the scissors…” [#geekgirl]

    [From this article at The New Statesman] “My own “game” hasn’t suffered at all from having short hair, and it’s a really good way of filtering out the douchecanoes. Neo-misogynists tend not to want to sleep with me, date me or wife me up however I wear my hair, because after five minutes of conversation it tends to transpire that I’m precisely the sort of mouthy, ambitious, slutty feminist banshee who haunts their nightmares, but if I keep my hair short we tend to waste less of each other’s time. If you’ve a ladyboner for sexist schmuckweasels, short hair isn’t going to help, although they might let you administer a disappointing hand-job.

    But if you want to meet men as equals, if you want to fill your life with amazing men and boys as lovers, as life-partners, as friends and colleagues who treat women and girls as human beings rather than a walking assemblage of “signs of fertility” – believe me, they are out there – then I wouldn’t start by changing your hair. I’d start by changing your politics, and surrounding yourself with people who want to change theirs, too.”

  • How A #Barbie #Body Measures Up To Real Bodies [#geekgirl]

    Barbie Blargh

    Barbie Blargh

  • #Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor [#geekgirl]

    “Masha Scream” [via WFiRA]

    “Masha Scream” [via WFiRA]

    …or “ladies that actually dress for dealing damage“:

    Nothin’ wrong with sexy!

    Cheesecake has its place.

    But I like pictures of women who look like they are legitimately bad-ass. Women that don’t fight in high heels. Women that clearly give a shit about the practicalities of getting in a lethal situation. Women who could most definitely kick my ass.

    Women fighters in reasonable armor.”

  • Halla Tomasdottir: Embracing the #Beauty of Balance [#geekgirl]

    Via TEDWomen, Halla Tomasdottir shares her thoughts regarding her approach to surviving Iceland’s financial crisis:

    “…we felt a bit overwhelmed with testosterone. And I’m not here to say that men are to blame for the crisis and what happened in my country. But I can surely tell you that in my country – like on Wall St and the city of London and elsewhere – men were at the helm of the game of the financial sector, and that kind of lack of diversity and sameness leads to disastrous problems…Doing emotional due diligence is just as important as doing financial due diligence. It is actually people that make money and lose money, not Excel spreadsheets…I am fed up with this tyranny of either/or choices in life – either it’s men, or it’s women. We need to start embracing the beauty of balance. So let’s move away from thinking about business here and philanthropy there, and lets start thinking about doing good business. That’s how we change the world. That’s the only sustainable future.”

    [Watch Halla's entire talk below or go here.]

  • Can you help with #tooFEW? [#geekgirl]

    Feminists Engage Wikipedia

    “We’re organizing another wikipedia edit session, called Feminists Engage Wikipedia, or #tooFEW. I’ve seen a few announcements about #tooFEW on here, but wanted to put out a call/plea for help tomorrow. The event has become WAY larger than any of us anticipated, with 5 in-person sessions and a big virtual component. Almost everyone is a first-time editor, with a few experienced people guiding the way.

    We’ve developed a chatroom for asking questions, sharing resources or just meeting other folks. If you’ve participated in another edit-a-thon, or have some experience editing Wikipedia or negotiating disputes that arise, we’d love to have you in the chatroom as a resource! And if you want to take your first editing steps with us, jump in!”

    Friday, March 15th
    11am – 3pm EST

    Collaborative wiki for resources, keeping tabs of blogs on #tooFEW, etc.:

    Official Wikipedia page – please register here:

  • Call out for help with research – sexual experiences of women #survey #geekgirl

    Dear Geekgirl

    My name is Judith Williams and I am a Masters student at the University of New England, in Armidale, NSW. As part of my Masters degree, I am carrying out a research project under the supervision of Dr Sue Watt. The project is about women’s experience of sex before, during and after menopause.

    I am writing to ask you to consider particpating im my research project and ciculating the link to my research to your readers and others in your network.

     This research may be of particular interest to some of your readers as it aims to clarify the nature of changes in the sexual experiences of women during and after menopause. There is a great deal of contradiction in the current literature about whether such changes take place, exactly what kind of changes might occur, and how many women are affected by such
    changes. There is also very little research to investigate the role of women’s relationships and partner characteristics, in reported changes. The study aims to better equip clinical psychologists and other health care providers to support women and their partners.

    Women between the ages of 35 and 70 are invited to participate in this research. It is a very quick and easy process. Just use the following link and you will find the online survey. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete. There are some direct questions in the survey, but please be assured that participation is anonymous, and all results are kept confidential.

  • The 2011 Birds Eye View Film Festival is seeking short film submissions from women #London #geekgirl

    Birds Eye View Film Festival 2011 (London, UK)
    Earlybird applications close: Friday October 1
    Regular applications close: Friday November 5

    The 2011 Birds Eye View Film Festival is seeking short film submissions from women filmmakers from around the globe, to be part of an innovative and inspirational celebration of talent. Screenings will be held at leading London film venues, including the British Film Institute (Southbank) and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

    The Birds Eye View Film Festival 2011 will open with a special gala screening of short films on March 6. The rest of the festival will include retrospective screenings, live music, workshops and master-classes, feature and documentary screenings and Q&A’s with inspirational women in film.

    For more information visit the website or email

  • UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries – Call for Artists #women #geekgirl

    UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries – Call for Artists
    Artists, writers   musicians :: Various Locations & Deadlines 

    The UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Programme aims to promote the mobility of young artists through art residences abroad, gives priority to artists and artist residency institutions from the global south and promotes the participation of women in international artist residencies.

    Participating institutions select three candidates for each bursary and submit the list of names to UNESCO for review by an international selection panel, which makes the final selection taking into consideration the priorities of the residency, geographical distribution and gender equality.

  • Roots to Resistance! Visual Artist brings 12 Women Activists to Life #facebook #geekgirl

    Denise Beaudet, Artist

    No More Silence! Please help spread the word by joining the Global Postcard Campaign!
    Visual Artist brings 12 Women Activists to Life

    Renowned award winning visual artist and creative activist Denise Beaudet is bringing forth the images and stories of 12 remarkable women in a project entitled Roots to Resistance, painting larger than life sized portraits of these women activists as well as creating postcards that  spread word of their work.

    This project aims to create voices for us all by creating postcards and sending them around the world and saying that we won’t be silent about war, atrocities and violence against women!

    Examples of postcards include a portrait of the Congolese Journalist Chouchou Namegabe. Her work is simply of the utmost importance. It is a critical and dangerous endeavor as she travels across the war torn Congo to record the stories of the hundreds of thousands of women who have been assaulted there. She needs our support and our voices!

    The global postcard exchange is completely free and really just involves us sending postcards to those interested in being partners in the Exchange. All we ask is that you give them out in your community and spread the word and we will print them in the language spoken there!

    To become a partner in the Global Postcard Campaign please contact
    Denise:  and for more info and images of the

    The 12 women:
    Natalia Estemirova-Chechnya-Murdered Human Rights Journalist
    Malalai Joya-Afghanistan-Woman’s Rights Activist
    Chouchou Namegabe–Congo–Journalist/Women’s Rights Activist
    Maria Gunnoe-U.S.-Environmental Activist
    Aung San Suu Kyi-Burma-Human Rights Activist
    Parvin Ardalan-Iran-Women’s Rights Activist
    Rebecca Gomperts-Netherlands-Environmeari-Indonesia-Labor Activist
    Wangari Maathai-Kenya-Environmental Activist
    Zapatista Woman-Mexico Environmental/Indigenous Rights Activist
    Marina Silva-Brazil-Environmental Activist
    Yvonne Margarula-Australia-Indigenous Rights Activist