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Aussie Bum

Applications Close: Thursday, June 07, 2007 www.aussiebum. aussieBum has quickly become an international success story selling its swimwear, underwear and soon lesiurewear to many of the world’s leading department stores and enjoy an international online audience who tune in each week to watch aussieBum in action either via iTunes, MySpace, YouTube and our own internet site.

aussieBum is recognised locally for its international success by winnning the Aust. Export Awards 2006 Sml- Med Manufacturer of the Year. As bandwidth increases globally (with the exception of Australia), aussieBum is increasing its online video content; AUSBUM.tv We’re looking for a very technically and talented male or female who is prepared to take on the challenge to produce content our customers worldwide can relate to, tune into and most importantly enjoy.

Your role will include travelling with the aussieBum team for each photo shoot assignment and event we support locally and overseas and record the reality to what actually occurs. You will video record the often amusing events ‘behind the scene’s’ and create ‘must see’ episodes that are delivered online and to our media partners worldwide. To do this well, you need to be focused and well organised and work independently of what is going on around you. Visit our internet site to get a taste of the types of webisodes we currently produce (only we expect you to do it 10 times better). Once this footage has been captured you will return to our main office to edit the footage into episodes surfers can view on a weekly basis.

You will be using the latest Adobe FCP software, Mac system, Sony Camera recording equipment. You are also competent is using other associated applications Motion etc. You will work closely with the principal of the company and be involved in all aspects of production, editing to content management.

This is a dream role for someone who loves every aspect of film making from start to finish and has a flare for getting the job done and producing work that gets people talking. Plus someone who wants to travel and work in a company with a global audience.

Sean Ashby sean@aussiebum.

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  • Keren Flavell

    Hey Geekgirl, this would be a dream job and I’d like to congratulate Aussiebum for being one of the only Australian brands smart enough to start their own content channel! This shows others how it is possible to reach a global audience with marketing efforts and provide entertaining and fun content that captures a unique and passionate audience.

    BTW… thanks for making this into a blog now Geekgirl.. I love it!

    May 28, 2007 1:18 am
  • Ella

    Hey Geek Girl,
    I met you in Canberra in 1997 when you were giving a talk on the internet to our graphic design class. You inspired me to do what I do today! web design! I also work for a very fun, cheeky Australian online label call Cocksox.com. We have video content on the site that is really awesome and so much fun. Our video/sound editors are multi award winning and I may be biased but … the best in Australia! If you like 100% Australian, great design and hot body’s check out http://www.cocksox.com

    August 22, 2007 2:39 pm