01 PM | 12 Oct


NOT QUITE ART hosted by Marcus Westbury is a three-part series screening on ABC TV from Tuesday October 16 at 10pm.

Marcus Westbury founded and directed some of Australia’s most innovative and unconventional cultural events, including the Free Play independent games developers’ conference in Melbourne.

He was also named by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald as a “rising star” in 2001, a prediction Westbury says he has largely failed to live up to, until now.

Westbury has created this three-part series for the ABC called Not Quite Art, which explores the notion that Australia has its arts and cultural values back-to-front.

The series which begins on October 16, and the second episode uses games as an example of a highly creative medium that is not widely recognized for its artistic or cultural value.

Westbury says the show “is going out in an arts timeslot, will be publicized to arts-type audiences, and will be exactly the sort of thing that those people will hate”. But hopefully it will get people thinking.

Screen Play enjoyed an advance preview of the (highly recommended) show, then chatted to Westbury for the interview below.


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