02 PM | 05 Jun

Green Anarchism

Find out what green anarchism is all about, read: THE ECOANARCHIST MANIFESTO

Click on: http://www.anarchy.no/eam.html

The eco-anarchist movement must not be mixed up with neo-luddist, primitivist, anti-civilization and similar groups and policies, i.e. authoritarian and eccentric ideas and practice and far from anarchist, although sometimes posing as ‘libertarian green’ to provoke. The eco-anarchist movement has a rational, libertarian socialist basis for its policy, and rejects principally marxian and other dialectical type ideology, “new-age” and/or “Skippy&Disney” utopian based “animal liberation”, vegetarian fanatism, irrational environmentalism, and similar authoritarian tendencies. The eco-anarchist movement is clearly opposed to and in general denounces the sometimes fanatical and irrational tendencies and guru-hierarchies we have seen within the ecology and green movement in general, as well as terrorism and ochlarchy tendencies, sometimes wrongly called “anarchist” in the media.

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