07 AM | 19 Sep

Yes Men event in New York

If you live in or near New York City, or plan on being there in early October, please sign up to be part of a very special event that the Yes Men are planning with some amazing activist groups.

We can’t tell you the details right now, but it will be about the Iraq War, and will involve doing simple public performances individually or in groups. It will be easy, outrageously fun, and will culminate in what promises to be a super-fun outdoor dance party.

You can visit http://www.BecauseWeWantIt.org/ to sign up, and to sign up for cell phone alerts so that if anything changes the day of the event you’ll know right away.

In 2003, the thugs in charge of Washington began destroying a country they knew posed no threat. Five years later, that country is still the most dangerous place on earth, and ours isn’t doing so well either. This action is about trying to change the political discussion around this, the biggest crime of the twenty-first century.

Onwards! The Yes Men and friends

p.s. If you can’t attend, but would like to help with a donation, please visit http://theyesmen.org/donate/. Many of you already have, which is why this is moving forward!

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