01 PM | 04 Jul

100 ways to say I Love You – Call for Participation

October 2010 :: SASA Gallery University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

This work is situated around shifting language use with digital communication and the subconscious interplay of symbol/number in nonverbal mobile communication. In examining the interaction between the user and the mobile interface, many sequences of I love you (ILY) are used when sending the endearment. For example to send message ILY on a Motorola v3 requires the sequence; ok v 9 9 9 9 L- v v v v L-L- 4 4 4 4 #5 5 5 # 9 9 9 L- L-

To achieve an authentic outcome to the project the artist is seeking contact with interested people to share their interfacial sequence in the sending of the message ”ily to someone they ‘love’. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Jaynie Langford at jnilalang@gmail.com

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