07 PM | 10 Jun

Speak Easy at Critical Animals [#geekgirl]

Speak Easy: A participatory art research project through facilitated conversation and dinner, leading discussions around the ideas of Possible Futures…

As part of Critical Animals Festival, Speak Easy is a participatory art and research project presented by the Socio Creative Trust, a collective of artists with the core members being Susie Anderson, Melissa DeLaney, Beck Pope and Gemma Robertson.

Speak Easy incorporates art, wellness, sustainability and is a curated conversationdinnerperformance. Festival goers are invited to anonymously sign up to the dinner to take part in a curated discussion. The Socio Creative Trust will facilitate conversations around the festival’s key theme of “Possible Futures”.

This performance will be broadcast online and the audience encouraged to participate through social media. A publication documenting the conversation will be created post-event and distributed to both attendees and the virtual audience members….”

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