05 PM | 12 Aug

RADICAL ATOMS and the #alchemists of our time [#geekgirl] #AtomHackers

Hiroshi Ishii about Radical Atoms…

“Radical Atoms” is our vision of human interaction with future dynamic materials that are computationally reconfigurable.

“Radical Atoms” was created to overcome the fundamental limitations of its precursor, the “Tangible Bits” vision. Tangible Bits – the physical embodiment of digital information and computation – was constrained by the rigidity of “atoms” in comparison with the fluidity of bits. This makes it difficult to represent fluid digital information in traditionally rigid physical objects, and inhibits dynamic tangible interfaces from being able to control or represent computational inputs and outputs.

Our vision of “Radical Atoms” is based on hypothetical, extremely malleable and reconfigurable materials that can be described by real-time digital models so that dynamic changes in digital information can be reflected by a dynamic change in physical state and vice-versa. Bidirectional synchronization is key to making Radical Atoms a tangible but dynamic representation & control of digital information, and enabling new forms of Human Computer Interaction.

Source: Ars Electronica 2016 September 8 – 12, Linz, Austria

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