07 PM | 28 May

Scientists turn water into hydrogen

In what looks like an example of modern-day alchemy, scientists at Purdue University in Indiana have come up with a way of turning water in hydrogen using an aluminum alloy. If the process is replicable on a large scale, it could have a massive impact on the market for hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars, which could use the technology as a source of onboard hydrogen generation.

The process relies on the use of aluminum pellets, which are mixed into liquid gallium (a metal that liquefies at just over room temperature) to produce a liquid aluminum-gallium. When water is added to the compound, the aluminum reacts with the oxygen to form a gel along with free-standing hydrogen, which can be collected and used to power a fuel cell. According to EDN, an Indiana-based start-up already has a license to commercialize the technology.

Many of the major automakers, including Honda, and General Motors, have invested heavily in developing fuel cell-powered cars. However, to date hydrogen has faced significant obstacles to becoming a viable alternative to gasoline, principally the expensive (and often carbon-fueled) process of isolating it, and the lack of a fueling infrastructure. The Purdue development has the potential to address both of these issues.

The Purdue announcement is the latest development in the race to create sustainable, on-demand sources of hydrogen. Earlier this year, a start-up company called Ecotality announced that it had enlisted the help of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop an advanced hydrogen-production process using magnesium and water.

07 PM | 28 May

Bon Scott: gone but not forgotten

The Fremantle Arts Centre is calling for proposals relating to the life and legacy of the Australian lead singer of AC/DC, Bon Scott, to go with a statue of Scott that is to be erected in Fremantle in 2008.

The Centre is open to gallery-based, off-site and online proposals for the Bon Scott project, which will encompass radio, the web, exhibitions and an LED billboard. It welcomes proposals from groups and individuals of organisations, curators and artists of all kinds,

Aussie rock legend Bon Scott is to be immortalised in a series of art projects as well as those that engender local, national and international exchange.

For more information, please email FAC’s curator/exhibitions manager at jasminS@fremantle.wa.gov.au or visit www.fac.org.au/exhibition_proposals

03 AM | 28 May

What makes films by women unique?

Two events exploring the question: What makes films by women unique?

These two upcoming events organised by Women in Film and Television (Victoria):

Melbourne International  Animation Festival – Friday 22 June 2007 at ACMI – Screening of women’s animation from around  the world

Victorian Women’s Short  Film Showcase – Thursday 14 June 2007  at  ACMI

For more information about either of these events or to arrange an interview, please contact WIFT(Vic) President Sue Marriot Ph: 0412 363 137 or Aenea Himbury Ph: 0408 377 044.

www.wiftvic.com <>

info@wiftvic.com <>

03 AM | 28 May

Cologne Online Film Festival

CologneOFF III 3rd edition of Cologne Online Film Festival http://coff.newmediafest.org

Festival theme: Toon! Toon! – art cartoons and animated narratives

After the successful launch of CologneOFF – Cologne Online Film Festival and the organisation of the first two editions in 2006 CologneOFF I – Identityscapes, CologneOFF II – Image vs Music

VideoChannel is preparing now edition III of CologneOFF to be launched in October 2007.

—> Toon! Toon! art cartoons and animated narratives

VideoChannel invites artists and directors for submitting animated films/videos telling a story in form of a cartoon or other forms of narratives by using the new digital technologies.


. Deadline: 1 August 2007 . The subject can be chosen freely. . The films/videos may originate from the years 2002-2007. . The duration max. 10 minutes, exceptions possible. . Max 3 films/videos can be submitted. . Productions using language and/or text other than English need English subtitles.

All entry details and the submission form can be found on netEX – networked experience http://www.nmartproject.net/netex/?p=23

03 AM | 28 May


OUTPOST is part of the share.global organization which hosts events and workshops in New York, San Diego, Los Angeles (USA), Montreal (Canada), Wiesbaden (Germany), and Stavanger (Sweden).

Held on the last Wednesday night of every month at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne’s CBD.

OUTPOST is a mixture of open jam, featured performances and spontaneous workshop and runs much like other SHARE events over the world. http://shareoutpost.org/ As always, audio and video jammers are most welcome so, Bring your gear and have no fear..

Free from 8.30 / / Look forward to seeing you @ the Horse.