11 AM | 03 Sep

Interspecies: Artists Collaborating With Animals

If there was ever an event after my own heart, it’s one that marries concern for animals with creativity:

Interspecies asks: Can artists work with animals as equals? If not, what is the current state of the human-animal relationship? It has recently been shown that humans are closer to the higher primates than previously thought, with chimpanzee and gorilla behaviour reflecting politics, deception and even possibly creativity. What does this mean to the way we see ourselves as one species inhabiting a planet in crisis? Interspecies uses artistic and participatory strategies to stimulate dialogue and debate, showing artists in contact with real animals and negotiating a new power relationship, questioning the way we view our interactions with animals during Darwin’s anniversary year.”

Interspecies has a whole shebang of London-based events planned for early October including: exhibitions, symposia, workshops and outings. Artists include: Nicolas Primat, Antony Hall, Kira O’Reilly, Ruth Maclennan, Beatriz da Costa, Rachel Mayeri + Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson.

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