12 PM | 09 Jun

Factory Girl

Finally, -) I have been waiting for this film to be released for months!

NOVA Cinema, Melbourne has an exclusive release of  FACTORY GIRL screening from June 21.

Sienna Miller plays the legendary Edie Sedgwick, the ‘poor little rich girl’ born to American aristocracy and the cinematic muse to pop-art genious Andy Warhol, brilliantly portrayed here by Guy Pearce. Incandescent and irresistible, Edie captures Andy and the world’s attention until she falls for a rebellious rock star (Hayden Christenson) who represents everything that Andy is not – where Andy is all cool surfaces, Danny burns with the fire of his convictions. Danny pushes Edie to free herself from Andy, who dismisses her from the Factory when he discovers her affair. As her world collapses, Danny abandons her too, and she falls into a downward spiral of addiction and tragedy. A fragile shooting star who dazzled the world with her beauty, style, glamour and wealth, Edie Sedgwick was one of the great pop icons of the 1960’s. This is her story.

And still to come, but no release date has been anounced Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Dianne Arbus Director: Steven Shainberg (Secretary) Starring: Nicole Kidman, Robert Downey Jnr, Ty Burrell

Inspired by Patricia Bosworth’s book “ Diane Arbus: A Biography”, Fur pays homage to Arbus, a brilliant artistic talent who challenged accepted notions of beauty and ugliness and dramatically influenced American photography through her radical techniques and subject matter. Aptly, the filmmakers have conjured Fur, not as a biography, but as something different, unique and mysterious, intertwining real aspects of Arbus’ life with imaginary narrative. The film captures the real life dilemma of a 1958 housewife who is torn between love for her husband and children and her profound need to create and explore through her art.

Check out the NOVA http://www.cinemanova.com

Btw, I wish the NOVA would be able to label their choc tops as gluten-free or not!

12 PM | 09 Jun

Lucky Miles

Lucky Miles. A bittersweet comedy about distance, difference and dud maps. Based on a collection of true stories.

Lucky Miles is a desert buddy movie inspired by several stories Michael first heard when he visited the Pilbara region of Western Australia in the late 80s. True stories of ‘boat people’ landing on the remote WA coastline in the hope of starting a new life, quickly running into trouble as they set out into some of the harshest and least populated country of Australia.


It’s 1990 and an Indonesian fishing boat abandons Iraqi and Cambodian refugees in a remote part of the Western Australia. Whilst most are quickly caught by officials, three men with nothing in common but their misfortune and determination escape arrest and begin an epic journey into the heart of. Pursued by an army reservist unit, our three heroes wander deeper into the desert, desperately searching for civilisation amongst the stones of the Pilbara.

RELEASE DATE: July 19, 2007 Country of Origin: Australia Running Time: 105 minutes Rating: TBC Director: Michael James Rowland