12 PM | 10 Jul


Bioarama is a one-day event that illustrates new directions in art, science and technology by bringing together artists who explore notions of life, science and digital realities. By presenting these artists in the context of the Digital Research Unit Artist in Residence project Biorama will explore a rich territory in which multiple threads of investigation come together to manifest unique interpretations and unfamiliar possibilities. Biorama will take place in two stages with the Biorama hike in the morning and the Biorama sessions in the afternoon.

Biorama takes place on Friday 13th of July at the Bates Mill Studio in Huddersfield, UK


12 PM | 10 Jul


On 12 July, the Australia Council for the Arts, in partnership with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), will host its first ever artist forum in Second Life. The in-world event, to be moderated by ABC’s Sunday Arts reporter/producer Fenella Kernebone, is for the Australia Council’s inaugural Second Life artist residency. In an open forum at 7pm (EST) on ABC Island, Paris-based artist and architect Brad Kligerman – one of the first artists in Second Life to complete an in-world residency – will present his work, discuss ideas and answer participants’ questions.

URL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ABC%20Island/128/128/0/

12 PM | 10 Jul


Established in August 2004, textura is a monthly publication of experimental and electronic music-related reviews, interviews, articles, and images, some of which also appear in Grooves, Cyclic Defrost, and Signal To Noise. Listen to mp3s and view video of artists’ works, or browse the archives.


12 PM | 10 Jul


A portrait of contemporary humankind, 6 billion others is a future online repository of thousands of individual video & audio testimonies. The aim of the 6 billion others project is to create a sensitive and human portrait of the planet’s inhabitants, by revealing each person’s universality and individuality. 6 different directors have travelled across the world to interview about 6,000 people from 65 different countries on a diverse range of topics, such as family, experiences, what makes us laugh and cry or what gives meaning to life.


11 AM | 10 Jul

Aftermath: Performance Installation

Exhibition: 12 – 28 July 2007 Opening / Performance 6pm Thursday 12 July

Aftermath: Performance Installation In Between Space ANNE GRAHAM Curator: Blair French

Anne Graham will construct eight rooms corresponding to a normal dwelling: a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a studio, a library, a living room, an office and a gallery. Everyday routines that occur while occupying these spaces will become the formal framework for the work. The actions and the objects in the spaces are intended to be more than functional: the spaces will become ‘social sculptures’. Quite intimate and familiar activities that occur will appear strange due to their displacement. By evoking associations, the spaces, actions and objects will become, in effect, ‘transitional objects or phenomena’. These rooms, in the words of Gordon Matta Clark, are intended to take “a normal situation and retranslate it into overlapping and multiple readings of conditions past and present”.

ARTSPACE 43 – 51 Cowper Wharf Road Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 Sydney Australia

T: +61 2 9356 0555 F: +61 2 9368 1705

artspace@artspace.org.au www.artspace.org.au