11 AM | 14 Jul

Make Me Sustainable

MakeMeSustainable is a new green social networking site. Although entering a crowded field, the service wisely translates how greening your everyday habits saves money. It tallies dollar signs, tree, and carbon emissions to track changes in your usage of electricity, heating, transportation, and travel over many months. It also takes you directly to sites where you can achieve a goal instantly, such as by buying CFL bulbs or carbon credits, or downloading a power-saving app for your PC. And you can form and join groups based around your interests.

11 AM | 14 Jul

Wikipedia Widget

A lot of people are using iGoogle.

This past week Google unveiled usage statistics for every gadget in use on its personalized homepage service iGoogle. The service aggregates this data a couple times a week, and refreshes it for all to see in Google’s gadget directory. Anyone can now see how many users have added it to their iGoogle page, along with how many page views it’s gotten. What’s the most popular gadget so far?

Google doesn’t have a straight top 10 list, but the Wikipedia search-and-go widget has well over a million active users.

10 AM | 14 Jul


The Generator.x conference explores current positions in art and design that employ generative systems either as tools or as an end in themselves. The speakers are experienced practitioners and theorists in the field. The conference is hosted by Atelier Nord and will take place in the exhibition space of UKS (Association of Young Artists) in Oslo. The conference will be accompanied by the opening of the Generator.x exhibition and a club event with audiovisual performances. The Generator.x conference is on in Oslo, Norway from 23 – 24 September.

URL: http://www.generatorx.no/

10 AM | 14 Jul


The International Symposium on Electronic Art will be held in Singapore between 25th – 30th July 2008. Submissions are invited for the ISEA2008 conference. The conference programme will include competitively selected, peer-reviewed individual papers and panel presentations, and artists who wish to share their works with a broader audience of their peers are encouraged to submit artist presentations where they can speak about the specific aesthetic, conceptual and technological aspects of their works. The conference also promises to present a list of internationally renowned Keynote Speakers, including a Nobel Laureate, expounding on the major themes of the conference. Submissions can be made from 15 July – 31 August.

URL: http://www.isea2008.org/cfp.html